Collective Spring Haul Part 2

Okay, I know I said in Part 1 that I won't be shopping for a while, but... all the Easter deals and online shopping pulled me in! Anyway, here are some spring and summer items that I picked up!
Black Distressed High Waisted Shorts ($28)
You might have already seen this in my April 2014 Favorites, but I've been wearing this consecutively for the past few weeks now because I love how versatile it is. I got it from an online shop called Papers & Peonies which you should definitely check out! Their stuff is super cute and trendy with a bit of a vintage vibe.

Seamless Lace Trim Bandeau ($5.99)
I got this bandeau from Rue 21 and just sewed some elastics for the back and straps similar to my DIY Chiyo Top. I thought I'd spice it up a bit by adding the "peek-a-boo" detailing on the front which I've been seeing quite a few times on Instagram lately. I actually tried to film a DIY tutorial using fabric glue, but that didn't hold up so well, so I just sewed the elastics instead. My camera also kept dying in between footages, so I thought I'd just film another one some other time.

Wet Seal Tie Dye Fringe Kimono ($26)
Wet Seal had an online deal of buy-one-get-one for $5 on Easter along with free shipping with orders $25+, so I mean... I had to... mainly because I saw a cheaper version of the off-shoulder dress that I've been eyeing from Urban Outfitters (more on that next). Anyway, I only got this kimono to get the free shipping deal, but it doesn't hurt to have another unique one in my collection!

Wet Seal Cold Shoulder Tiered Peasant Top (originally about $20)
As I said earlier, this is a very close dupe for the Urban Outfitters tunic except it doesn't have the wide bell sleeves that I really liked. Nonetheless, this is definitely one of my all-time favorite pieces because it's off-the-shoulder and has the silhouette of a slip dress. It's also very boho-chic which I've been really into lately!

Thrifted Brandy Melville Tank Top/Vest ($8)
I can't have a haul without a little bit of thrifting, so here's a gem I found at Buffalo Exchange. I was drawn by the super laid-back and casual design of the tank top, but when I looked at the tag and saw Brandy Melville, I was immediately sold. I mean $8 for a Brandy tank top? Definitely a score!

Goodwill BCG High Waisted Shorts ($4)
I bought yet another pair of high waisted shorts just when I told myself that my Papers & Peonies one would be my last for a while, but this fit me really nicely and there's something about vintage pieces that I really like. I also thought I needed a non-distressed pair for a change.

Lace Ruffle Crop Top  ($6.99)
I also picked up this cute little ruffled crop top from Papaya. It was super inexpensive, and I've been looking for something like this to layer for the summer. I wish they had one in white, but I guess this can be worn year-round more easily.

It's about time that I invest in my own purse rather than stealing my mom's bags, so when I came across this classic black and white purse that I thought was the perfect size for me, I didn't even think twice because it was only $20. It's not too oversized but there's definitely a lot of space to fit all my necessities. It also goes with any outfit as well, which is always a plus!

Lovely Wholesale Front-Button Push Up Bra ($6.99)
I think we can all agree on the fact that every girl deserves a pretty bra. I got this very feminine, lacy one from Lovely Wholesale, an online store based in China. I love how extremely soft and comfortable it is unlike most underwired bras that strangle your ribs and has padding that feels like socks. It also has removable straps, which is really convenient for wearing tank tops.

Forever 21 Strapless Lace Corset Bra ($14.80)
For some reason, I can never find these whenever I go to Forever 21, but I finally saw one when I went to Fashion Island at Irvine. I'll definitely be wearing this underneath my kimonos in the summertime.

Love Culture Black Cropped Halter Top ($7.95) & Charlotte Russe White Halter Top ($7.99) 
I've been meaning to buy some plain and printed halter tops, and I happened to find these two basics for super affordable prices. I have yet to find a cute printed one from either Brandy Melville or Forever 21, but the latter never has it in stores, so we'll see.

Vintage Off Shoulder Top in Plum ($25.99)
Have you ever loved something so much that you want it in all the available colors? This is one of those items for me. It's actually an exact dupe for the one from Urban Outfitters that I mentioned earlier but for only a fraction of the price. These are also the days when I feel blessed for being super petite because I get to wear tops as dresses! 

That's it for this haul! I'll have another one coming up later this month, but that one will be from a giveaway I recently won on Instagram! Also, check out this cool clothing boutique called Modern Ego. They have really nice contemporary clothes for reasonable prices!

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you on my next one!
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  1. these clothes are all so nice :) great haul post. just found your blog and followed xx

    love it if you could check out my blog, i'm just starting out -

  2. Wish I had the confidence and figure to wear crop tops! Perfect haul <3. I especially love the kimono.

    Patricia castelo

  3. @Patricia Castelo girlll anyone can rock a crop top (; i'm sure you'll look great in them! and thanks <3

  4. beautiful outfits!

  5. omg the dress and kimono from wet seal are so adorable!


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