Collective Spring Haul + Luvocracy Giveaway Winner!

I've really come to love spring fashion because of all the incredibly feminine trends that have been surfacing lately. I got these items in different intervals, so don't think that I bought them all at once! That would be too crazy, at least for me. Without further ado, here are some new additions to my expanding spring wardrobe!

Forever 21
Cream & Wild Flower Caged Bralettes - $8.80; Garden Rose Corset Bra - $14.80
I grabbed a couple of bralettes at Forever 21 since they were quite inexpensive. The caged ones are perfect Brandy Melville dupes at only $8.80! I've also been eyeing the mint bralette for some time now and grabbed one once I came across it at the store.

Cream Open-Knit Cardigan - $22.80
As soon as I saw this in Forever 21's new collection, I instantly placed it on top of my wishlist. It's probably the closest knockoff to Brandy Melville's Moselle cardigan which I've been wanting for the longest time. Good thing I found the last one in my size! It's definitely a staple in my wardrobe, and it's only for $23 as opposed to Brandy's $78!

Forever 21 Flower Crown - $4.80; Love Culture Flower Headband - $2.95
I also grabbed a couple of ethereal flower crowns for the heck of it. They're really cute accessories to add to spring-inspired outfits!

Leopard Print Midkini Swim Top - $19.99
I grew out of all my swimsuits since the last time I wore one was probably about 10 years ago! Anyway, I thought I'd get a midkini top instead of a bikini because it's pretty much like a crop top that you can swim in, and it's a lot more comfortable to walk around with.

 Love Culture
Cami Floral Ruffle Dress - $29.95
This babydoll/slip dress style is rapidly growing this season, all thanks to Brandy Melville. I was particularly drawn to this dress because of the vintage color and print. I'm a big fan of Brandy's Jada dress, and this knockoff has everything on point including the tiered ruffles and the coveted open back, except the material is a lot more sturdy and silky!

Charlotte Russe
Feather Print Infinity Scarf - $5.00 (sale price)
The only reason I bought a scarf in the spring was to make a DIY kimono. I was highly inspired by LaurDIY from Youtube, so I made my own as well!

Perforated Ankle Cuff Sandals - $18.00 (sale price)
The online store had free shipping for orders of $25+ the other day, so I couldn't resist taking advantage of the deal. I got these online exclusive nude pink sandals because I've been wanting a new pair of chunky heels that I could wear on casual days. It's the perfect everyday wear because it's a neutral color and the heels are very easy to walk in!
Turquoise, Moon & Star Midi Rings - $5.00; Boho Horn & Feather Earrings - $5.00
I also added these cute ring and earring sets since they were such great deals for only $5!

Love Phenom Dress - $25 (discount price)
When I found out about their "50% off the first purchase" deal, I immediately added this cream bell-sleeved dress to my cart. I love how feminine and understated long sleeve dresses look, and this one is especially suited for spring and summer. If you wanna know how I modified this dress, read my DIY post!

Navy High Waist Ripped Tassel Denim Shorts - $20.72 (discount price)
I finally got around to ordering something from this site, so I went for yet another pair of distressed high waisted shorts because I can never have too many! This store is based in Asia, so you're probably gonna need a lot of patience with the delivery time, but mine actually arrived in only less than two weeks, so I guess it depends on the product. I really like this pair although I really wish they had an extra small. It fits very loose on my thighs and falls a bit below my waist. Other than that, I'm quite impressed with the quality and style.

Thrift Stores (Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters Surplus, Goodwill)
I was planning to make a separate blog post on my thrifted items, but since I only bought a few, I thought I'd include them here.

Graphic Tee from Buffalo Exchange - $12
I went to Buffalo Exchange and bought this faded brown graphic tee for those super lazy, hot summer days when it doesn't even make sense to get dolled up. I really like the fit of this because it hugs my body without being skintight, and that's quite difficult to find especially for my petite body type.

Yin-Yang Graphic Tee from Urban Outfitters Surplus - $10.00
*Side note: Urban Outfitters Surplus is not a thrift store, but it has drastically discounted prices of the original UO items. 
I got this yin-yang printed graphic tee that's very reminiscent of Brandy Melville's moon phase tank top. I was never really interested in Brandy's version, but I was drawn to this one because of the deep scoop on the back. Plus, it was only $10 for what was originally over $30!

Thrifted H&M Fur Vest - $7.99
I went to Goodwill and got this borderline obnoxious winter piece that appears to be brand new and unworn. The H&M tags are still attached and it seems to be in perfect condition, so I decided to get it since it was only $7.99. I was looking for a fur vest in the wintertime but most of them were ridiculously expensive, so I guess I'll save this for next year!

Thrifted H&M Crochet Vest - $4.99
I also got this little crochet vest from Goodwill which is a very appropriate outerwear for spring. I don't have that many ideas on how to style it yet, but I'll definitely try to wear it often this season.

Now that I practically bought a whole new spring wardrobe, it's safe to say that I won't be shopping for quite a while.

*The winner of the Luvocracy giveaway is Iris Ananthset! Congrats, girl and miss ya! (: Enjoy your $25 credit!

As always, thanks for reading!
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