Winter Trend: Faux Fur

Yesterday was officially the first day of winter (although the weather today in LA felt like summer - totally normal here), so here's one of the biggest trends of the season shown in different varieties!

Fur Outerwear
Faux fur outerwear may take a lot to pull off, but it's definitely becoming a big trend this year. While jackets are a little bit harder to look good in, vests are a lot more wearable even in the not-so-cold winters like in California. Parkas with fur hoods or details are also great pieces that showcase a subtle hint of the trend. 

Fur Headwear
If the thought of faux fur embracing your body is too overwhelming or even uncomfortable, try wearing it on your head. Fur hats are somewhat difficult to find where I live because they're more suitable for snowy places, but I think they look kinda cute. 

Fur Scarf
Faux fur scarves/snoods are probably the most wearable out of the bunch because they could work in mildly cold winters as well. They're pretty much like any circle scarves but classier. ;)

I would include faux fur shoes, but that's something I just don't understand. Anyway, these are some basic ways to wear faux fur for the holidays. I love how they instantly make an outfit much more sophisticated!

Would you rock this trend?
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  1. I definitely will be trying this trend out this season. I love fur! Great post. x

  2. @Patricia Yaker Ekall Right? Some people just don't understand. haha. Thanks for dropping by (:


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