On Wednesdays We Wear Black

If you know where I got the title reference from, you're awesome and we should be friends. 
Anyway, here's another one of my winter looks. It's actually more of a transitional outfit from fall to winter, but LA weather is very unstable, so I think it works around this time of the year. Read more for additional photos and outfit details!
I typically have trouble styling this mesh crop top because it's a little too gothic even for my taste, but to go with the "Coven" theme, I figured it was the right top to wear. 
Underneath, I wore my D.I.Y. caged bralette because it seemed like one of those rare occasions when it is actually considered appropriate to display. I added a thin belt to cover the band and give more shape to this monochromatic outfit.

Fishnet crop top - Goodwill
Lace high low skirt - Ross
Thigh high socks - Wet Seal
Platform Booties - Charlotte Russe
Skinny belt - Charlotte Russe
Fedora - Forever 21 

Naturally, I had to go with something high-waisted to pair with this crop top, so I opted for this lace high-low skirt that I haven't worn in nearly a year. I also added thigh highs to make it more winter-appropriate. For shoes, I went with my trustee JC Lita knock-offs, which couldn't be more perfect for this look. 

A witchy outfit can't be complete without a black hat, so here's one that I happened to find in my supply closet. I also kept my hair stick straight because there's already so much going on, so might as well keep it simple.

I added this vintage pair of earrings because it's the only black one I have, and they happen to have an eerie antique vibe, so... why not.

I kept my makeup quite bold and heavy with black smokey eyes and deep burgundy lips, which is pretty much my default winter makeup look. 

P.S. Sorry for the blurry, poor-quality photos. I literally did this shoot in five minutes and it's extra difficult to shoot without a photographer or a vari-angled LCD screen.

Anyway, I know I've only posted two winter looks so far, but you could probably already notice the dark trend that will play out in the next few months. There's something about winter that channels my love for black.

Stay tuned for more winter looks!
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