Eye of the Tiger

This might be the first time I've worn a skirt casually. I definitely picked the wrong day because sunny California suddenly isn't so sunny anymore.

Crop top - Forever21 Skater skirt: H&M Kimono: Charlotte Russe
Skinny belt: Charlotte Russe; Thigh high socks: Wet Seal

Skaters are probably the only skirts I'll wear because they give that A-line silhouette that curve-less girls need. They're also very versatile and comfortable. 
Litas: Charlotte Russe

Here's the fierce and somewhat awkward tiger kimono once again. I wanted to layer a flowy piece over the crop top and skirt to make the outfit look more casual and wearable for school, and if you haven't already noticed, I live for thigh high socks in the colder seasons.
It was unusually gloomy this morning, and I apparently didn't use the correct white balance, so I ended up with these bad-quality and horribly exposured shots. I quite like the setting though, so I might shoot around here next time.

'Til next time!



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