Review: Memebox Pony Brown Bloom Box

It's always a good day when I receive a Memebox package in the mail because it means I've got another thing to add to my makeup collection. This one actually came with a randomly selected eyeshadow quad and a lipstick, but I'm beyond happy with the set that I got. This one might even be my favorite out of the rest that I received from Memebox! Read more for swatches and all that good stuff!


Shine Easy Glam 3 in #1 Brown Bloom - $18
Blossom Lipstick in #1 Rose Garden - $12
First of all, let's talk about the gorgeously luxurious packaging. I wouldn't consider this is a high-end makeup line (think YSL and Givenchy) but it sure looks like it with this stunning white and gold design. I think it looks absolutely beautiful and I even feel like I'd buy one myself just because everything in the collection looks so pretty. Even the boxes look stunning! By the way, the gold part on the palette itself is highly reflective (you can probably use it as a mirror), but it's clearly not picking up on camera.


When I swipe my fingers directly on the product, the lighter shades are super shimmery that they almost look like foiled eyeshadows, but they come off a lot more subtle when swatched on my arm and applied on the lids which is fine because from my experience with Memebox eyeshadows, their pigmentation is always light and buildable. However, if you're not a fan of glittery eyeshadows, you might want to stray from this one because it's packed with chunks of glitter to the point that the fallout can get pretty messy. It's also really difficult to remove so you end up with little chunks of glitter all over your face. Other than that though, this is certainly a great summer go-to palette.

As for the lip color, I expected it to be more of that muted red shade that I love so much, but it comes off more orange. Nonetheless, I'll find the time to wear it because it seems like perfect summer shade and a nice pop of color to a simple look. Like the eyeshadows, the pigmentation is quite sheer but buildable. It also smells super sweet and feels incredibly moisturizing!

Final thoughts: I'm truly in love with this set! The packaging alone already sold me, and it helps that all the shades are absolutely perfect for the upcoming season. This will definitely be my most used Memebox set!

Thanks once again to Memebox for sending me these lovely products, and to you for taking the time to read my entries! This review's actually few weeks late, but I still wanted to post it because I just had to share my positive thoughts on the brand. 'Til next time!
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