Review: Memebox I'm Lip Crayon Set

If the month's not looking so good, I can always count on Memebox to make it a little better with a gift package of makeup goodies. This month, I received this amazing set of lip crayons which is definitely something I'd hoard in my makeup stash. This set will surely get me ready for summer! Read more for swatches, photos, and info on these lovely lippies!


#7 Carmen, #8 Natalie, #9 Irene, #10 Alice, #11 Linda

As usual, Memebox's packaging never disappoints. The lippies come in sleek boxes that reflect the shades accurately, and the lippies themselves are in standard matte tubes that also display the colors. Only #7 shows a completely different shade when swatched (which you'll notice in the swatches below), but other than that, all of them are pretty spot on.


Here are the descriptions straight from the website:

#07 Carmen: A vamp, bloody red shade for a more elegant and bold expression 
#08 Natalie: A splendid blend of ruby red to give you a natural, oriental look 
#09 Irene: An orchid pink color for a youthfully charming makeup expression 
#10 Alice: a light touch of old rose to give your look a romantic and feminine aura 
#11 Linda: A classic coral pink shade which goes perfectly with every makeup look and is perfect for everyday wear

Top to bottom: #7 Carmen, #8 Natalie, #9 Irene, #10 Alice, #11 Linda
As you can see, the finish is quite glossy which isn't something I'd wear normally. You guys know that I'm all about matte lip colors but these are so incredibly creamy and moisturizing that I'll probably get a lot use out of some of them this summer. I most likely won't be gravitating towards the two lightest colors (#10 and #11) simply because they're too bright for my taste. They're actually a lot more vibrant in person, so the swatches you see here don't really show these colors' full potential. They're all very buildable, but I'd say #8 and #9 don't need more than one layer because they're the most pigmented. Only #7 applies unevenly for some reason, but it's fine because the color is pretty much the same as #8, just slightly more muted. With that said, #8 is definitely my favorite because it's extremely pigmented, buttery, and absolutely stunning. It's the perfect shade of red for summer! I also love #9 though it's slightly outside my comfort zone because of the magenta undertone, but I think I'll be able to pull it off with certain makeup looks. 

Grab a set for only $20 on Memebox's website! 

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you on my next one! 
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