Mermaid Waves (Review: Wicked Crown Hair Chalk)

It's no surprise that the pastel hair trend is on blast right now. While it's not everyone's cup of tea, I personally think it looks absolutely stunning on many women, especially fashion bloggers like Ellen, Francis, and Stephanie. Lashem sent me a set of hair chalk from to review, which I thought was super exciting because I can't see myself dyeing my hair a crazy pastel color just yet, so something temporary like hair chalk seems like a fun and safer alternative. Read more for my thoughts on the product and my first experience with hair chalk!

"When you’re ready for electric purple, neon pink or blazing blue tresses—but you don’t want to make the commitment— hair chalk it up to your wild side! Temporary color chalks apply brilliant, buildable color instantly to hair, wash out in a few shampoos. Great for a weekend, or to show team spirit at sporting events! Twelve brilliant and bold colors in the set. 

Wicked Crown Hair Color Chalks allow you to create a variety of temporary effects in your hair—you are in total control."

•Colors can be used alone or together. 
•Hair stays soft and supple. 
•One application lasts up to 5 washes. 

Net Weight: .425 oz./12.05 g x 12


The chalks are nicely organized in a sleek box much like a set of pastel pencils. There's a little window on the lid that provides a peek into most of the colors, which makes it a whole lot easier to choose which set to get. I believe these are the only colors they have though, but it's actually a great variety because there's a good amount of pastels, a few eccentric colors, and even a couple of natural shades.

Directions: Apply chalk to dry or damp hair. Depending upon your hair color and texture, chalks shampoo out within several shampoos.

As stated, it supposedly works with either dry or damp hair, but I had to get my hair soaking wet for the color to show up fully and evenly, so dry hair is definitely out of the question. One thing that's certainly inevitable during the application process is that it'll get messy. The color will get all over your hands, shirt, sink, or even the floor (in my case). I'd say applying the chalks is the least fun part about this whole trend because it's quite difficult to get the colors to show up evenly and it tangled my hair like crazy. It might have been because I have super coarse hair and I didn't comb it out after soaking it with water, so the whole experience could be completely different for someone else. 


As you can see, the application is very uneven (and cheaply done). I was actually just playing around with it and I didn't really know how it would go, but after the first try, I doubt I'd do it again anytime soon. I simply don't have the patience to do it myself especially because I had to practically clean up the whole bathroom after this session. There's also quite a bit of transfer since it is made of chalk, so try to keep your hands away from your hair for the day and refrain from wearing a light-colored top. However, I do quite like how it turned out despite the unevenness. The color does show up vibrantly, but I combed out most of it because I wanted a more subtle look. Another reason that would probably make me reach for this again is if I ever want to dye my hair some kind of pastel color but I'm unsure if it would look good on me. In essence, these colors would be a great way to experiment with different colors without having to commit or damage your hair considerably.

I was immediately skeptical about the claim that it could last up to 5 washes because there's no way a chalk could stand up to shampoo and water, let alone five times... and turns out I was right. It didn't even last a day! All the color wore off after one wash, which isn't really disappointing to me because I already saw it coming. 

Overall Thoughts
I have nothing against the brand or the product itself. It's just that hair chalk in general isn't something I'd look for in a store and purchase in an instant. I mean it would be great for festivals, photo shoots, or slumber parties, but for the most part, I'd skip out on it unless I'm really itching to know what I would look like in purple hair or some other crazy color. I'm definitely not a fan of the application process, and the claim that it "lasts up to 5 washes" is just bogus... at least for me. Anyway, at least I got to see myself in blue ombré hair, which is actually something I'd consider doing in the future. 

On a side note, I've actually seen some beauty bloggers use regular pastel chalks on their hair, which isn't surprising to me at all because they pretty much look, feel, and work the exact same way. Perhaps they have slightly different ingredients, but other than that, if you're struggling to find hair chalk anywhere, just run to your local craft store instead and grab a set of pastels!

Has anyone else tried hair chalk? If so, did you have a completely different experience? I'd love to know! Maybe I'll consider doing it again if I get some helpful tips.

'Til my next one!
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  1. Good to know! I just got some and I'm wondering how it will turn out on white blonde hair!

  2. @Stephanie Dawn Sjoberg the color payoff's gonna be even more amazing on your hair! i hope it turns out well :)


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