Review: Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in "Demure"

I've been desperately wanting to buy liquid matte lipsticks for the longest time, so I thought I should finally splurge on one of the most highly acclaimed one in the market. Read more for my thoughts on one of Girlactik's beloved lip paints!

"You are the artist to your lips with Matte Lip Paint. Apply this richly pigmented lip paint on to your lips and within one minute it will dry down to a beautiful matte color that will be noticeably dramatic without the dryness or flaking. Your lips are sure to look pout-full!!"

Price: $23
Shade selection: Iconic, Demure, Starlet, Allure
Amount of product: 0.25 fl. oz.
Availability: Girlactik, Prestige Cosmetics at select Rite Aids, Blushington, Naimies


When I took it out of the bubble mailer, the box came in a cute pink bag. The box itself is quite classy and vintage, so it's definitely something I would keep in my makeup storage even when it's of no use to me anymore.

The product comes in a sleek glass bottle that shows an accurate display of the shade. Despite the frosty-matte finish of the tube, the color looks exactly how it is when swatched, so it's pretty easy to decide on which one to get.

Color Selection & Swatches
As you can see, this color belongs to that exact same family of shades that I adore so much (too much?). I don't know how many more of this shade I can collect, but this one is certainly my new all-time favorite. I was actually worried that it would look a bit too brown or gothic on me, but it turned out looking more like a natural deep berry color on my lips. I definitely feel like it's one of those lipsticks that looks completely different on every skin tone but will look absolutely stunning nonetheless. It has a hint of brown, but it's a dusty mauve for the most part, which makes it extremely versatile. One thing that might be a disadvantage about this lipstick line is the limited range of shades. There's only 4 lip colors, all of which are in the pink family, but they're all gorgeous and I'm sure you'd find something that complements your skin tone!
One layer vs. two layers
As you can see from these two lip swatches, this product is definitely buildable. It's super pigmented, but you don't get full intensity with one layer, which I actually appreciate a lot. Some days, I don't really feel like going bold with a deep mauve lip, so I typically go for a natural berry tint like on the left photo above. It gives a nice "my lips but better" look with one layer, and the more you build it up, the more intense it gets to the point that you get that sultry Kylie Jenner lip color.


It comes with a doe foot applicator, which is always desirable for something that runs more on the liquid side. It's also a breeze to achieve a precise application with this wand, so I have no complaints in this aspect. The product goes on so smoothly that it almost feels slippery. You have to give it several seconds to a minute to set completely and dry to matte finish. After that, it's completely transfer-proof, kiss-proof, and practically anything-proof!

It's quite thin, which is why the pigment is easily buildable. It feels extremely moisturizing upon application because the formula's so runny, so you don't have to worry about it feeling sticky like many liquid lipsticks. It does have quite a strong (floral?) scent that lingers after a few minutes, but it's nothing that really bothers me although I can see it being a setback for some people. Other than that, there's seriously nothing to possibly complain about!

7 hours later
The color is definitely as pigmented after about 7 hours or so, and at this point, it hasn't budged one bit. My lips did feel slightly dry as you can tell from my very visible lip lines, but that happens with every product I wear even if I periodically apply chapstick. By 10+ hours, it does start to fade along the inner parts of my lips mostly because of the food I've eaten throughout the day, and it also starts to clump up a tiny bit but nothing really noticeable. However, if you spend most of your day with only light meals, then you can definitely expect the color to look almost exactly the same as when you first applied it.

This might have been the longest review I've written on a lip product, so you can certainly tell how much love I have for this lip paint! It's my absolute holy grail - from the shade, to the formula, to its longevity - it has everything I look for in a lipstick. It's definitely a splurge, but I assure you that it's entirely worth it. I hope this review helped, and thanks for stopping by!

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