Review: Etude House Color My Brows

If you haven't heard of Etude House, it's a highly acclaimed Korean beauty brand with affordable quality products and the most adorable packaging. I've been eyeing their stuff for so long especially after seeing them being used by many bloggers, so I was beyond excited to try this eyebrow gel. Read more for an in-depth review!

The brow mascara claims to "set, shade, and moisten brows for a refined natural look." I ordered mine from Amazon for about $7 including shipping, but I believe it originally retails for $5-6.

It comes in a little light brown tube that consists of 1.5 oz of product and a mascara-like wand. The wand could be a bit smaller for a more precise application, but it's not that big of a hassle.

Color Selection

I had to do a little bit of research to find the right color because a few of them are pretty similar. It comes in Rich Brown, Light Brown, Red Brown, Natural Brown, and Blonde Brown, which I think is quite a generous selection because it takes into account the various shades of natural hair colors.

Wearing only Color My Brows
I got mine in the shade light brown, which happens to match perfectly with my new summer hair. One coat later and just look at that pigmentation! It's definitely impressive and is probably my favorite thing about this brow gel. I really love how it significantly lightens my jet-black eyebrows, so they look a lot more natural now that they go with my ginger hair!
A few bloggers have complained that it's a lot more orange than brown which I definitely agree with, but it just so happens that this color is a perfect match for my current hair, so I have no worries. I also love that it makes my eyebrows look so much fuller and more even, which fixes all of my eyebrow problems.

Finish & Quality
You probably can't tell from the photos, but it has micro glitters that reflect a little bit of light that I'm not too fond of. You guys already know that I'd take matte over shimmer any day, so that's the only downside in my opinion. Despite that, it looks very natural! Another complaint I've heard about is how clumpy it gets on the brush, but I personally don't mind because you can easily brush out the product and spread it evenly on areas that haven't been covered.

Lasting Power
I was absolutely impressed with how long this stayed on. I've been out and about for nearly 10 hours and it looked good as new. The picture below is a 4-hour update. I didn't get to take one by the end of the day because the night quality wouldn't be able to capture the colors, but I assure you, it looked almost exactly like how I first had it on!

Bottom Line
I am beyond happy with this purchase. For $5-7, you can't go wrong with a natural-looking, highly pigmented eyebrow gel that does all the job. The only thing I'm worried about is how long it will last me, considering that there's only 0.15 oz and I can already sense that it will make its way to my everyday makeup routine. I'm glad I tried this out before splurging on Benefit's Gimme Brow which is four times the price! I highly recommend to give this a shot if you're hesitant to purchase a high-end brow gel.

I hope this review helped somehow and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I used this too but in shade no. 4 when I had my hair dyed. Love it..


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    lovely review :D
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    xx Charmaine

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