May 2014 Favorites

I feel like I say this every month, but May seriously flew by so quickly! Here are some of my favorites!

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
I talked a little bit about this product in my May Ipsy Bag review, but now that I've tested it several times, I can say that it's definitely worth the hype. The scent is absolutely pleasant, and it even stays on my hair for a couple of days. It also instantly detangles my dry, damaged strands and leaves my hair incredibly soft and moisturized without feeling oily at all. It's just a bummer that there's so little product (maybe because I've been using it almost every day) because I don't get to see the long-term effects, especially in lengthening, if any. I'll consider purchasing the full size though because I honestly think it's worth it.
Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer in Medium
I've been on a bit of a concealer craze lately because I can never seem to find the perfect one. I think this one comes close though. I especially like the unique consistency because it's not too creamy that it would make me look cakey, and it's not too runny that it wouldn't provide that much coverage. The coverage is actually pretty impressive, but it's not quite a heavy-duty concealer which makes it great for everyday use.
KISS Looks So Natural False Eyelashes in Shy
I don't apply falsies very often (or at all, really), but these make me want to wear them every day. They feel incredibly natural, and I mean natural, almost like feathers because they're so lightweight! It's nothing I've ever tried before because they actually feel like my own eyelashes. I'll definitely be on the hunt for these and stock up since they're quite affordable. I'm not too sure where to find them yet because I just received these in my Ipsy Bag last month.
Harvey Prince Hello Sample
I got this in my Beauty Box 5 package earlier this month, and it's probably the only perfume I've ever tried that doesn't have a nauseating scent. It's kind of a mixture of fruity and floral fragrances, but it's not exactly sweet. I'm not too great at explaining scents because I barely have experience with perfumes, so I'll just leave it at that.

Vintage Off-Shoulder Top in Plum
I mentioned last month that my all-time favorite dress was pretty much a cream version of the one above minus the bell-sleeves, but this dress might have just replaced it. I know it seems like an exact replica in just a different color, but if I like something this much, I try to get it in other colors. I just happened to find this gorgeous plum color at Fashion Nova for a fairly decent price, and I absolutely adore it. It's also an exact knockoff of the Urban Outfitters Tunic that I've mentioned a few times, and I'm pretty sure I'll buy another one if I find it in black. I know, it's definitely a problem.
Halter tops from Love Culture & Charlotte Russe
I've been eyeing a variety of halter tops lately, and I finally got my hands on a few of them. What I really like about this trend is that the high neck provides a very conservative and sophisticated feel, but it highlights your shoulders and clavicle which adds just the right amount of tastefulness. 

Cerise Tea Pocket Tank "Floral Love" Collection
This has been my go-to tank top for the past few weeks because LA weather is starting to reach its high points. I got it from a newly launched non-profit clothing store called Cerise Tea, which sends all of its funds to American Cancer Society, so please do check it out and support this great cause!


I've always been a fan of Justin Timberlake's music, dating back to the N'Sync days, and this song has that nostalgic early 2000s feel that I love, so it's been on repeat for me this month!

That's it for May 2014! Can't wait to move to Irvine next week, but it's also gonna be very emotional when I spend the next few days with my closest friends for the last time in a very long time. :(

Stay tuned for my Summer 2014 Trends next week!
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  1. I know how it feels. Time flies so fast :/
    Thanks for sharing your May favorites. The halter tops are cute.

  2. Loving the halter top x


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