Birthday Haul: Forever 21, Sephora, + more

I didn't really feel like celebrating this year, so I just spent the weekend shopping at Americana with a couple of friends. I also went to the mall with my sister on my actual birthday, but it was just a very laid back day at my house for the most part. I didn't buy much, considering that I had a very tight budget, but here are some of the things I got and received!

Olive Havoc Shootie Sling - $39.99
I was initially planning to buy chunky-heeled ankle boots, but then I found these. I've never had a pair of boots that's not brown or black, so I thought this would be a great addition to my collection. Interestingly, I think this color would be more wearable with any kind of outfit, which is another reason  that I bought it. The heels aren't exactly what I was looking for, but I was sold by the olive color and cutouts.

Brash nail polish in Almost Clean Slate
I also got this nail polish for $0.50 along with the boots because Payless was having a buy-one-get-half off sale. I thought I'd grab a gray one since all the colors I have range from neutrals to bolds. I never really see people with gray nails, so I thought it would be interesting to try.

Newsboy cap - $5.49
This is somewhat of an impulse buy, but it was only $5 and I actually kind of like how newsboy caps look with certain outfits. Since H&M's version is sold out online, I've been looking for something like this everywhere, and finally I found one at Zizibeh. I always happen to find the things I want at stores that nobody cares about. I'll be featuring this item on my next OOTD post, so be on the lookout for that!

Forever 21 Boho Dream Poncho - $24.80
I also kind of bought this one on a whim. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't stand leaving the mall without buying something, especially if it's a place like the Americana. I feel like it's such a waste to go all the way there just to look around and window shop. Anyway, at least I know that this is something I'll definitely wear, especially in the spring. You all know that I love anything boho-chic, and really, nothing can be more bohemian than a fringed poncho!

Napoleon's Macarons
Our last stop was Napoleon's Macarons, which was pretty much heaven on Earth. I only got two because I ran out of cash, but they were so delicious! I had Salted Caramel, which had a detectable alcohol taste, and the Vanilla Creme Brulee, which had the perfect amount of sweetness. Seriously, someone needs to invent a macaron maker so I can just eat them every day. 
Sephora's Birthday Gift 2014 (Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick, Smoky Extravagant Mascara, Aqua Eyes Liner
If there's any gift I look forward to every year, it's Sephora's. It just gets better and better every year. This one's definitely my favorite so far... especially because it includes a lipstick with a color of my taste, and of course, a waterproof pencil eyeliner, which is just what I needed. I've always wanted to try Make Up For Ever's products, so these sample sizes are perfect to start with! By the way, the employee mistakenly gave my a VIB Rouge edition, which additionally includes the Aqua Eyes eyeliner. I got super lucky this time because I'm nowhere near becoming a VIB Rouge member - also, I was planning to buy Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliner next month, but I guess I won't have to for a while!

Revlon Brow Fantasy
I haven't really heard of this product, but I wanted to know if it could be a potential dupe for Benefit's Gimme Brow so I wouldn't have to buy such an expensive brow gel.

The best presents are always handmade, and I'm glad my friend Jan knows how much I love crafty DIYs. She made this really sweet polaroid-like collage of pictures from our high school days to now, which will serve as a nice decoration on my empty wall. Thanks again, Jan!

My friend Valery also gave me a balloon and this fancy wallet/purse from Express that will be perfect for special occasions. Thank you! :)

Here's a quick outfit of the day (Brandy Melville Jada dress, Macy's wedges, Forever 21 lace cardigan, and vintage key necklace), a marble cake from my family, and a picture with my friends at Americana). 

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who greeted me!
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  1. Wow i love the lipstick!its my favorite colour :) haha! And happy belated birthday girl!have a blast

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