Wild Lavender

This charming, minimalistic 90s trend is gradually coming back, and I'm glad it's gonna play a big part in the spring and summertime. Slip dresses are the perfect go-to for a casual day out. They flow effortlessly and they're very lightweight and comfortable. This one from Brandy Melville has dainty floral patterns and subtle ruffles on the bottom, which add some really feminine elements. 
Jada dress - Brandy Melville
Cardigan - Fashion Q
Thigh high socks - Wet Seal
Oxfords - eBay

It doesn't quite provide a desirable silhouette, but the minimal details give that really sweet and innocent look. I thought I would just save this for the warmer seasons, but I found a way to style them for the fall, all thanks to oversized cardigans and thigh high socks! I went for this speckled knit cardigan, which may seem unusual because of the print-on-print faux pas, but whatever, I think it works.

I went for my classic oxford shoes to add just a little bit more vintage. Whenever I wear this pair, there's always at least one person describing it as "cool tap dancing shoes from the 60s," which I guess sums it up pretty well. 

Well, that's all for this quick look. 
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