Simple Travels: See the Light Exhibition at LACMA

I spent Veteran's Day at LACMA with a couple of my high school friends to observe galleries for my photography project. The "See the Light" exhibition was rather fascinating; I would post pictures but viewing them in person is much more exciting, so definitely check it out while it's still ongoing. 

We actually planned to dress nicely today because... why not, we don't do this very often. Plus, fashion is a form of art and we're at a museum after all. Haha. I wish we took more pictures, but oh well, I'll have plenty of chances to go back here. Anyway, I'll quickly expand on my outfit on my next post.

After going to European art and photography exhibitions, we just grubbed on some Korean food from a taco truck across the museum. I've actually never had Korean food before, but it was quite delectable.

Well, that's it for my relatively laid-back day. Happy Veteran's Day to the brave soldiers who serve this country. (:

'Til next time.



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