May 2015 Favorites

The year's already halfway in and I don't even remember much, but I did find quite a few favorite things. Here are my picks for the month of May!

Memebox x Pony 3 Palette
Memebox sent me this stunning palette a few weeks ago, which might be my favorite one out of all the products I've received from them so far. I've got a long-overdue review in my drafts right now that I'm aiming to post within next week, so stay tuned for that to see swatches and how it wears! All I can say right now is that it's a great neutral quad for summer and the packaging is just incredibly gorgeous.
L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara in Blackest Black
I was going to repurchase my holy grail Tarte "Lights, Camera, Lashes" mascara, but my local Ulta never has it in stock so I turned to the drugstore which I've heard carries some really great mascaras. Here's a new release that I wanted to try out and actually ended up falling in love with. My lashes have decent length and a natural curl but what it really lacks is volume, and this mascara definitely gives me that. As much as I love a full set of wispy lashes that the Tarte mascara provides, I'm kind of digging this spiky, spidery look perhaps because it really defines and separates my relatively sparse lashes. I also love how it looks with the Tarte mascara wand, maybe even a lot more than the Tarte formula itself!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Mauve It
I was initially looking for a nude nail polish, but I ended getting this light mauve color that's become an instant favorite of mine. It's very reminiscent of my Sinful Colors nail polish in Vacation Time (another one of my all-time faves), but this one's a lot lighter so it's definitely more spring- and summer-appropriate. It's also extremely versatile and I love how it's the kind of neutral that looks great on any skin tone.

Ben Nye Banana Powder 30-gram Sample
I finally got myself to purchase this much-acclaimed banana powder, but I only got a sample from an eBay seller since I didn't wanna buy it full price without knowing if I'd even love it... but I actually did. If you've ever wondered how Kim Kardashian's skin looks so flawless (whether you love or hate her), this is the powder she uses which is pretty the reason that it got so much hype, but I must say that it definitely lives up it. I think it looks extra stunning on tan to really dark complexions because the highlighting effect is much more prominent, but it pretty much works on any other skin tones as well as far as the mattifying aspect goes.

Classic Round Sunglasses - Forever 21
Since summer's just around the corner, I was in need of a chic pair of sunnies, and these instantly caught my eye because of the slight cat-eye shape and gold detailing. I think it's super flattering for my face shape and it doesn't leave really noticeable marks around my nose bridge when I take it off.
Etched Crescent Medallion Necklace - Forever 21
I typically only gravitate towards brassy jewelry, but this muted silver piece had the same antique look that I like about vintage brass necklaces. I can easily wear it with the simplest outfits to add a more interesting element to the look.
Black Mesh Bandage Leggings - CHOIES
As you may have noticed on my Instagram posts, I'm hardly ever in jeans anymore because I've been opting for leggings especially when I wear oversized tops. This pair has quickly become one of my favorites because of edgy bandage detailing and super comfy fit. It's definitely a year-round piece, so expect to see many, many outfits including these leggings throughout the year!

Eve Fisherman Extreme Cleated Sandals
I took a break from wearing my trustee Chelsea boots every day and replaced them with these chunky Fisherman sandals for summer. They're actually quite comfortable despite the bulkiness, but it does get a little heavy after a few hours of walking. Nonetheless, I can wear it with anything just like my Chelseas!

That's all for May. Now onto the start of summer! Thanks for reading and I'll catch you on my next one!
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