Comparison Review: NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade vs. Anastasia Dip Brow

I honestly feel like NYX is intentionally trying to create dupes for a lot of Anastasia's products. The contour kit, the brow wiz, and now the eyebrow pomade? I'm not complaining though because I love me some good quality drugstore makeup, but since I won a $50 Sephora gift card from a giveaway, I decided to pick up the Anastasia version as well to see how they compare. Read more for swatches and details and whether NYX's version is truly a dupe!

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade
"Give extra life to your brows with our easy-to-use brow pomade that glides onto skin and hair. Our smudge-proof, waterproof formula comes in five shades to coax brows into prime shape. Stand up to humidity in style!"
Price: $7.00
Amount of product: 0.18 oz

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade
"A smudge-free, waterproof pomade formula that performs as an all-in-one brow product. This creamy, multitasking product glides on skin and hair smoothly to create clean, defined brows. The standout formula works as a brow primer and provides color, sculpture, and shading. It is ideal for oily skin and in humid climates."
Price: $18.00
Amount of product: 0.14 oz

As you can tell just from their descriptions, they almost have the exact same claims: smudge-free, waterproof, and glides on skin & hair. Hmm, coincidence?

Both products come in standard gel pot packaging, but the Dipbrow looks a lot more luxurious in a glass jar while the NYX pomade is in a less appealing plastic pot. They're both travel-friendly because they're so small, so carrying either one in your purse or travel kit shouldn't be a problem.
Color Selection & Swatches
NYX (left), ABH (right)
NYX only has five shades (blonde, brunette, chocolate, espresso, black) whereas Anastasia has a much wider variety (ash brown, auburn, blonde, caramel, chocolate, ebony, granite, soft brown, taupe, dark brown, medium brown). I got the shade Brunette for the NYX Pomade and Soft brown for the Dipbrow. Right off the bat, the dipbrow shades (or at least the one I have) are nothing like how the color looks in the pot, so it's highly advisable to swatch them in store or look up enough reviews to really get a sense of the product's true color. The two products above appear to be completely different shades, with the NYX pomade looking more like a cool taupe while the Dipbrow is a much warmer brown, but the swatches on my arm show how similar they actually are, which proves just how inaccurate the Anastasia pomade's color is in the pot. If I'm not mistaken, the NYX one even looks slightly warmer.
As you can see, both did not budge after I ran water over them and rubbed the products vigorously, so you can certainly count on them staying true to their waterproof and smudge-free claims.
NYX Pomade vs. ABH Dip Brow
The Anastasia Dipbrow is far more pigmented than NYX, which is why it would probably last me longer even though it has slightly less product. The NYX Pomade gives a bit more room for error though because of the lack of intense pigmentation, but since the difficult consistency forces me to keep piling on more and more product in one sitting, I think it'll run out faster. Also, as you can see in the comparison photos above, NYX looks more uneven because of the different consistency, which I will explain more in detail in a second.
I have a huge love-hate relationship with the NYX Pomade mainly because of the slidy gel consistency. It's a lot harder to work with in my opinion because I tend to have sparse spots on my eyebrows that the product can't seem to cover. When I try to apply another layer, it kind of removes the color I just applied or slides it around which gets super annoying, so I always end up having to go over it with an eyeshadow powder instead. Even if I let the first layer set completely, the second layer is still unable to cover the sparse areas for some reason. However, I do like how blendable it is because it gives a lot of room for error. I also love how natural it looks as well and how it doesn't harden my angled brush at all compared to the NYX eyebrow gel.
The consistency of the Anastasia Dipbrow, however, is something I have no problem with. It's absolutely perfect because even though it's super pigmented, it's also very blendable without having the product slide around like the NYX Pomade. It covers any sparse areas seamlessly which I'm extremely content with. In this aspect, the Dipbrow wins by miles for sure!
I find both products to last about the same amount of time. I've never had any problems with either of them fading throughout the day even though I typically have excessively oily skin.
Even though the NYX pomade is only a fraction of the price of the Anastasia Dipbrow, I find myself gravitating more towards the latter. The Dipbrow is just a more well-made product overall, though the only setback I'd personally consider is the inaccuracy of the shade. It certainly looks nothing like a warm brown on my eyebrows, so I might have to exchange it sometime soon. Other than that, I absolutely love the pigmentation and consistency, and I can honestly say that it lives up to all of its claims. This is definitely my new holy grail eyebrow product!

So... is the NYX pomade a dupe? Not quite... only because the consistency isn't nearly on par with the Dipbrow, but it is a great cheap alternative if you don't mind taking a few more steps to perfect your eyebrows. It's actually pretty impressive for a drugstore product in terms of its long-lasting effect, smudge-free claim, and waterproof ability, so I'd say go for it if you're not willing to spend almost $20 on an eyebrow gel.

Hope this review helped!
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  1. Thank you! Very helpful! Simple to understand and you highlighted all the important aspects! Fabulous!

  2. Hi! May I know w/c is better?Nyx pomade or Nyx eyebrow gel?thank u

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