High Waisted Shorts Collection

 This may be a very small collection to some people, but I just wanted to share what I have so far and suggest some styles that I think would be essential in your wardrobe!

Black Denim
BCG (thrifted) - Wet Seal - Papers & Peonies
At least one pair of black high-waisted shorts, distressed or not, is an absolute essential if you're starting a collection. These are so versatile that they go with practically any outfit for all seasons. My current favorite is the one from Papers & Peonies, which I already raved about in my April 2014 Favorites.

 Distressed Button-Up
Sheinside High Waist Ripped Tassel Denim Shorts
A majority of my shorts are distressed, but having that button-up detailing gives it a more industrial look. It's not the easiest style to find, therefore it's often a bit pricy. I got this from Sheinside several weeks ago, and I'm kinda bummed that it's a little loose on me, but it's nothing a belt can't fix!

 Light-washed Denim
Fashion Nova
Like black high-waisted shorts, light-washed denim is also an essential especially for casual spring and summer looks. I like that this one has some edgy elements with the spikes on each side.

Brandy Melville (DIY) - Brandy Melville Bruna Shorts - Forever 21 Aztec Trouser Shorts
Here are some fun selections that have been trending lately. They're perfect for warmer seasons because they're so lightweight and comfortable that they can even be worn as sleepwear. I got the first two at a Brandy warehouse sale for only $10 each, and I believe the Bruna shorts are back in stock online and in stores for $30. The third one is from Forever 21, and they're seriously the most comfortable shorts ever!

BCG High Waisted Shorts
If there's an Urban Outfitters Surplus near you, you should definitely check it out because they sell a lot of $10-20 high waisted shorts with amazing quality. I believe this was originally about $50, so it's definitely a great bargain! These shorts are also perfect for adding a pop of color to your spring outfits.
Thrifted Levi's
Last but not least, my favorite style would have to be the vintage ones. If you're shopping at Goodwill, check out the jeans section where you can find that Levi's tag on the back. Once you find one, just grab it and don't even think twice! They're usually only $6-8, and chances are shorts like these are at least $50 elsewhere, so you've definitely got yourself a gem. With a little bit of DIY distressing, you're good to go and you've just added a super cute pair of vintage shorts to your collection!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you can't get enough of high waisted shorts like me! Have a great week, and I'll be back with a Spring Haul Part 2 in a few days! 
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  1. Love all of these, especially the vintage ones!
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