Charlotte Russe Haul

Since it was my first time mass ordering clothes online, I'll forgive myself for going a little overboard. I was pretty upset the day after because Charlotte Russe had a Free Shipping deal for orders over $25. I could've avoided the pricey shipping cost, especially for the shoes that I bought separately. Anyway, complaints aside, here are the items that I bought.

Lace-Up Wooden Heel Bootie - $35.00
I have been dying to get my feet on these! They may only be knockoffs of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas, but who cares? I saved like $100! We'll see how long it lasts. On another note, I was contemplating whether I should exchange them for this pair. They're essentially the same, except the other one has shorter platforms, which will be easier for me to adjust to since I'm not quite used to 5-inch heels yet. I don't know, I think I might just keep them.
Cutout Surplice Crop Top - $16.99
Burgundy's one of my favorite colors, and I can't accept the fact that I don't own a burgundy top. Lol. I really like this one, though. It has little slits on the sides and it's a V-neck crop top! Definitely a fall favorite.
Braided Woven Infinity Scarf - $12.99
Since I have this unreasonable need to own every color of scarves, I bought this cute olive, crochet infinity scarf. A little pricey, but it seems like good quality and the knitting pattern's really pretty.
Tiger Graphic Kimono Cover-Up - $22.99
I'm not sure why I bought this. Maybe because of my obsession with kimonos. The tiger faces are kinda freaky, but I find them cool in a way. I don't know. It looks really nice from afar.

Reversible Solid Skinny Belt - $5.00
I was pretty disappointed with this. I expected it to be thicker because I really needed a black buckled belt. Oh well, I'll still use it I guess. At least it's reversible.
Perched Bird Jewelry Dish - $7.50
To get free shipping, I had to buy $65 worth of stuff (which was painful because I started out only wanting to buy the shoes), so I just snagged this dainty novelty item. I needed a jewelry dish anyway. Plus, I really like white furniture and room accessories.

Well, that's it for this haul. No online shopping for me for a long time, I hope. I need to save up for Christmas!

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  1. Do not exchange the boots! They're way cuter, and you'll learn to walk in them :)
    Love the scarf <3

  2. @Angelina Yeah, i think i'll keep 'em! thank youu! <3

  3. trying to find this tiger kimono but cannot find it anywhere! fair enough its an old post but Love it ^^ ^^

  4. @ThePixieCut thank you! so many people contacted me about wanting to buy off this kimono! i don't even remember being that excited when i bought it myself, but apparently it's highly coveted! haha


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