Tips on Going Ombré

It seems like the ombré hair trend isn't going anywhere for a while. Many celebrities have been donning the half-brown, half-blonde locks lately. I personally love the smooth gradient transition and not having to worry about constantly redyeing your roots. However, when I was in high school, I've spotted many girls attempting to wear the trend, and frankly, it's painful to look at. Here are some tips to get it right if you want to DIY:

If you have naturally black/dark hair like me, go a few shades lighter first. I personally don't like the black-to-blonde transition; ombré is supposed to be a smooth gradient between shades that are close to each other, not a straight line of two contrasting colors. For me, I went through a long process of getting the right shade of brown, so if you have naturally black hair, it's most likely not going to happen in just one sitting.
This is how I gradually lightened my hair prior to going ombré. I'd say it took about two years, since I dyed it a couple more shades other than brown. I wouldn't recommend bleaching it, as it looks too unnatural and way more damaging. 
If you're a hair novice like me, purchase a product that's meant for ombré. I bought one in the shade 060 (medium to dark brown) and it comes with a brush applicator, which actually provides a gradient effect that the ombré look is supposed to have. Instructions are fairly simple; comb vertically for a more subtle look and horizontally for more intensity. I started off combing my hair horizontally only on the tips. I let the dye sit for a few minutes then gradually worked my way through half of my hair. I waited a couple more minutes then combed vertically just a little more above the previous section. This allowed me to achieve a gradual transition from dark brown, brown, to blonde. 

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the end result. This picture doesn't do it justice. Trust me, it doesn't look this orange in person! Also, just a side tip: ombré looks 10x prettier with beach waves or curly hair. What I do every day to lessen the damage is I french braid my hair when it's damp and sleep with it overnight to achieve this natural-looking, heatless hairstyle. I've learned from my mistakes by straightening and curling my hair on a daily basis before. 

So as long as you don't have a line separating your black and blonde hair, just about anyone can rock this trend. Don't be afraid to go bold; changing up your look once in a while gives a boost of confidence. :) Happy styling! 



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