Aurora Borealis

One of the designs that I love to do on my nails is the gradient effect. When I feel like doing nail art, this would be my go-to. It might be more on the formal side because of all the glitter, but you can always just wear it for fun on a casual day. 
For this particular design, I used a sheer nude color for the base coat and dabbed a sponge with OPI's "Can You Dig It?" halfway through my nails. For the darkest layer on the tips, I used "Lincoln Park After Dark," which is a midnight maroon shade. To finish the look, I added some glitter with "Pink Yet Lavender."

There are million ways to spice up gradient nails, but this one was inspired by the stunning aurora skies that I yearn to witness one day. It's great to perceive nature's extraordinary paintings once in a while.

'Til next time!



  1. This looks soooo beautiful! You really are quite the artist!

    Btw thanks for stopping by and subscribing. Now following you back. :)

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea


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