D.I.Y.: Nail Polish Stand

Wanna learn how to make use of common household objects? Here's one of the ways to organize your nail polishes if you're a cosmetic hoarder like me!
  • Big bowl/plate for the base
  • Trophy (or pretty much anything that stands)
  • Smaller plate
  • Another stand
  • Small bowl/plate/decorative piece
  • Glue gun and superglue (if the glue gun fails like mine)
  • Acrylic Paint/Spray paint
  • Decorations (bows, flower ornaments, beads, anything!) 

For the base, I used a ceramic bowl. (I recommend that you use one with a larger circumference to fit more nail polishes.) Then I glued a plastic trophy on the center of the bowl (if you don't have one, find something that can hold a few more objects, use your imagination!) I took a small ceramic plate and glued it on the mouth of the trophy. On the center of it, I took a candle stand (again, use your imagination and look around house, anything works!). For the last layer, I chose a decorative piece with a floral design for aesthetic purposes. A little bowl or plate is fine.
I painted it with acrylic (which took forever, so I recommend that you use spray paint). I love the color mint, but you're free to mix whatever colors you like. I personally think pastel colors look best for this project.  I then wrapped ribbons around the necks of the stands and tied them for a cute, classy look. I stuck with the same color to keep it polished. Then I took some golden bead necklaces (I would have used silver, but this is all I got), measured them around the edges of the plates, and used a glue gun to tie it all together. Feel free to add more decorations and have fun with it! 
Clearly, I didn't get the measurements right, but I hope you find better objects around your house. If you keep those creative juices flowing, anything works! 

 Good luck and happy crafting!




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