New Year's Eve Dresses

New Year is not only all about glamour, but it's also the perfect excuse to wear as much glitter as possible. That opportunity only comes once a year, so you can't go wrong with going overboard with sparkles. Read ahead for some outfit ideas and makeup tips! 

Red glitter: Long-sleeved bodycon dresses are great for holiday parties with families or co-workers. They provide the right balance of conservative and sultry.
Black & Gold: A form-fitting tube dress with classic black and gold print brings out all the festivity you need for the occasion. Pair it with minimal gold accessories and some simple strappy heels to complete the look.
Crochet: Here's a little black dress with a sophisticated twist - a gold halter top with stunning crochet detailing. It kind of reminds me of Chinese New Year.
Tribal: Who said you can only wear glitter and gold in the New Year? A long-sleeved tribal dress like this one can be just as festive if you pair it with gold accessories or a statement necklace. It's perfect for those who want to tone it down a bit.
Polka dot: I don't know if this is a universal superstition, but I would always hear adults say that wearing polka dots in New Year's Eve would bring more prosperity and fortune. Well, it's worth a shot! Here's a casual short bodycon with black and white polka dots paired with platform ankle boots.

Burgundy: Here's a red skater dress with subtle and elegant rose prints. I love the sweetheart neckline and the glistening fabric. Pairing it with sheer tights makes it more winter-appropriate and adding a statement necklace completes the outfit.
Black and Gold: Here's another festive combination - a shiny gold top with a black skater skirt. Black heels, a gold choker, and a sparkly purse will add even more glam to the outfit.
Lace and Velvet: Lace is universal and timeless but pairing it with velvet shows that classic old soul and unique element in a dress. There's just something so feminine and classy about this dress.
Navy Blue: This glittery navy blue piece is quite simple but still formal. It's fun, girly, and festive and it's great for a girls' night out!
High Low
Halter: This is probably the most conservative high-low dress out of the four because of the halter neckline. I think it's perfect on its own, so very minimal accessories will do.
Black & Gold: Here's another black and gold combination in high-low form. The V-neck neckline and sheer cut-outs make the dress quite alluring. Again, I'd pair it with minimalistic strappy heels and subtle accessories to balance out all the glitter and glam.
Gold and White: This color combination is always classy, so if you're going to a more high-end party but you don't want to make that big of a statement, this would the perfect dress. 
Sequins: Nothing can be more festive than sequins, but sometimes a full-on sequined dress can be somewhat overwhelming or even unflattering to some people, so opting for a high-low dress with a sequined top would be a more subtle choice. I love the ombré effect on the skirt, and the color combination adds quite a seductive and vampy touch.

Sheer: If maxis aren't really your thing or if you think they're too dressy, go for a sheer one with a mini skirt underneath. 
Cut Out: This one's quite simple but very sophisticated, but I think that very few people can really pull it off. It's a figure-hugging maxi dress, so it would look best on tall and slender women.
Lace: Lace works for any occasion and any type of dress, including maxis. Here's a way to pull off a lacy maxi dress without looking too formal or prom-dressy. The basic white bodycon underneath layered with lace detailing makes it more wearable for a typical holiday party.
Slit: Let's just start with the fact that this dress is only $20 right now at Windsor. It's a classic black maxi with a sexy slit on the side, but since the skirt is sheer, it shows just the right amount of formality. 
Maroon: If red's not your color, go for maroon which can be just as glamorous and festive. If you happen to be attending a super elegant and formal New Year's Eve party, why not go with a fairly affordable prom-like dress? I love the pleats on the skirt and the silk material on this one!

All dresses here are from Windsor and Charlotte Russe.

Makeup Looks
Knock yourself out with excessive sparkles! ;)

Here are some beauty products that are perfect for the occasion:

I hope these tips helped! Personally, 2013's definitely been a great one. I had a memorable birthday, an incredible senior year, I finally escaped high school, saw my best friend after four years, and of course, started this blog that I definitely enjoy putting my time and effort in. So, thank you to whoever visits and supports this novice blog. I'll continue to post everything I love about beauty and fashion, and I hope to encourage my readers to be more confident about expressing themselves through clothing.

Here's to a New Year!
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On a very personal note, feel free to read my in-depth recap of 2013 on my Tumblr.



  1. I like these designer dresses.I will collect some for my wife.

  2. Truly fantastic New Year's Eve Dresses. Each and every outfit looks outstanding. That polka dot dress is my personal favorite. I am also going to host a fun family party to celebrate NYE so have already booked one of the prettiest Venues in San Francisco for this wine and dine event.


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