Review: NYX Eyebrow Gel in "Chocolate"

I was so excited to try this eyebrow gel that I purchased it online and paid for shipping when there's an ULTA right across my place (but all the eyebrow gels were sold out, of course). I really couldn't wait until they'd restock though so I went ahead and ordered it from NYX's online store. The product itself is surprisingly quite inexpensive ($6.99), considering that many people say it's a dupe for Make Up For Ever's widely acclaimed Aqua Brow ($20). It also came with a free NYX tinted butter lip balm, so at least the shipping wasn't for nothing. Read more for an in-depth review!

"Keep your misbehaving brows in place with our discreet and easy-to-use brow gel! The lightweight, waterproof formula creates thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows and comes in five versatile shades."

• What it is: Highly pigmented brow gel. 
• What it does: Fills and shapes brow providing a long-wear result. 
• Why we love it: The smudge–free, waterproof formula seals brows in place. 
• How to use: Using an angled brush, dip into gel and outline the perfect brow. Fill in sparse areas and blend with a clean spoolie brush.

As of now, I believe this is only available at Ulta and NYX since it is a very new release. Target will probably carry it in a few weeks or so, but if you really want it soon, order online because I'm pretty sure all of it will be sold out at most Ulta stores for a while.

It comes in a convenient squeeze tube with 0.34 fl oz (10 mL), which I think is a good amount of product especially for the price. Nothing to complain about, really. It's travel-friendly, easy to use, and very convenient. I just happened to receive a slightly wonky one if you can't tell. Also, the packaging of the box and the images online aren't exactly true to color, so I suggest doing swatches in stores (Ulta has testers for all shades) if you don't want to go through the hassle of exchanging it back and forth.

Color Selection

It comes in five shades: blonde (ash blonde), chocolate (red brown), brunette (ash brown), espresso (deep brown), and black (brown black). I was torn between brunette and chocolate, but I eventually picked the latter since my hair currently has more red undertones than blonde. I'd say that it has a fairly versatile color selection, and if you can't seem to find the perfect match, you can easily try mixing two shades together since it comes in a squeeze tube after all.

The pigmentation is absolutely incredible, and a little definitely goes a long way. A very light squeeze would be enough for both eyebrows because it's that pigmented! I typically squeeze a dot-sized amount on the back of my hand and dab little by little using my Light in the Box angled eyeliner brush. The photos above were taken with a micro lens, so that dot is a lot smaller in reality!


It has a very waxy/thick liquid consistency that dries rather quickly (unless you apply a thick layer), so I don't think it gives much room for mistake which I guess is the only downside I could think of. It's quite simple to use though as long as you have a precise angled brush.

The application process was a breeze since the formula is very blendable (even though it's a wax), but I do recommend applying with a light hand as it is extremely pigmented. My eyebrows clearly aren't in very good shape because I've been plucking them myself for years (not a great idea), and as you can see, the gel does an incredible job filling in the sparse areas and even grooming all the unruly hairs, so I find that I don't really need a spoolie to blend and comb them in place. 
Three hours later (top), waterproof/smudge-proof test (bottom)
The photo above shows how my eyebrows look 3 hours later (still in perfect condition) while the bottom photo is when I ran water all over my face and rubbed it quite harshly - as much as I would if I were to go swimming - and you can tell that most of the product is still clearly there. The little areas that may have rubbed off weren't covered by as much gel when I applied it, so that explains the subtle fading. The appearance is the same for the most part, just not as groomed as before which is still very impressive. 

One of the many things I love about this eyebrow gel is that it truly lasts all day. It's perfect for humid summer days especially if you have oily skin like I do. The photo above was taken 10+ hours later, and that's after I was outdoors walking under 90ยบ heat,  hiking for 5 miles, and whatever else I did the whole day. Under normal circumstances (as in how frequently you would unintentionally rub off your makeup on a typical day), I'd say that it is smudge-proof, but of course if you rub off the product with all your might just to test its smudge-proof ability, then some of it will definitely fade. In terms of how much product there is in the tube, I'm sure it will last me a good several months up to maybe even a year.

Bottom Line
As much as I love my Anastasia Brow Wiz ($21 - that thing only lasted me two months), I'm certain that I won't be repurchasing it anytime soon because I might've just found my holy grail eyebrow filler. No need to buy those super pricy Make Up Forever products because nearly all of the beauty bloggers I follow who have tried both eyebrow gels confirmed that this is indeed a dupe for the Aqua Brow. I highly recommend it! It clearly lives up to all of its claims: lightweight, highly pigmented, waterproof, smudge-free, and natural-looking.

That's all for this review! I hope I convinced you enough to try out one of my absolute drugstore favorites!
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  1. Great find! Those eyebrow fillers are just so expensive. Glad to know that there's a much affordable one that works! :)

    xo, Pau

  2. @Pau B. Yeah! You should definitely check it out (:

  3. I'm looking for this stuff but most of them said it was sold out! It's quite hard to find this eyebrow gel. Especially in Indonesia T___T the color is not that light. I'm still confused to buy chocolate or espresso
    nice post!

  4. @Elnienesia Meirinza Putri Dewa i don't know if there's an Ulta there, but it's always in stock here in stores and online, so you should try ordering from their website or even on if you have brownish hair, then i recommend chocolate. try looking up more reviews to see how they all swatch :)

  5. Wow!! What a great review. After reading this, I will buy one and change my ABH dipbrow pomade. It's too expensive and I think that you don't need to spend too much money to be beautiful. Thanks for the review!!


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