Review: Pinkicon Twinkle Eyes - Russian Gray

This review should've been up weeks ago, but I've been quite busy lately which also explains my lack of posts. Anyway, Pinkicon was kind enough to send me another one of their new products to try out, and this one's definitely a new favorite. Read more for details and photos!

Twinkle Eyes Russian Gray
Duration: Daily
Package: A box of 10
Price: USD$23.74 
Water Content:38.00%

This kind of lens is a lot different than anything I've reviewed in that it doesn't last a whole year. Rather, it comes in 10 pairs with each to be worn for only a day. 


It also didn't come with a free contact lens case, but it's completely fine because I have more than enough of those in my stash. The lenses are packaged in a box instead just like regular prescription lenses which I think is nice because it's easy to store that way and I get to distinguish it from all my other lenses.

Besides light brown and hazel contacts, gray is really the only other color I'd wanna wear in public, but it's quite hard to find the perfect pair because some tend to look blue instead or even hazel. While this one isn't the perfect shade of pure gray that I've been on a hunt for, it's still absolutely gorgeous because it looks completely natural. The two-toned color (with a light brown tint along the inner rim) gives it a dimensional look that I find incredibly flattering. From far away (as seen in my selfie below), it actually comes out more hazel because of the light brown tone in the middle, so that's something to note if you're looking for gray contacts.

It fits my eyes perfectly, so there's certainly no sign of discomfort. I can wear it for hours and not feel a thing! It's also a breeze to put on despite the softness.


I highly recommend this pair especially if you don't wear colored contacts regularly. Since one box is only good for up to ten uses, this would be perfect if you're only wearing them for special occasions. As for the color, it's absolutely stunning! I don't have this kind of shade in my collection yet, so I'm definitely thankful to have received it.

Another big thanks to Pinkicon for giving you guys a discount code for $5 off any circle lenses (except toric). Use Code [A24680000] at check out!
1. Each account can use it once only.
2. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offers.
3. Coupon can be used for all circle lenses only (except toric lenses).
4. Pinkicon reserved the right.

Hope y'all enjoyed this review. 'Til my next one!
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