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 Honestly, the only thing I looked forward to every morning was getting dolled up, even though there was no one to impress. It's just an instant mood booster to feel presentable when you hate everything else about high school. Anyway, bad pessimistic memories aside, here are a few diverse outfits that are perfect for back to school.

Outfit #1: On the Edge

If I were to go back to my freshman year of high school, I would opt for this casual, edgy look. I remember when I would wear black everything year-round, even on the hottest days. When I started getting into fashion, I was in a grungy/emo phase that I'm sure everyone's been through at some point in their adolescence. But if you're currently donning this style, then this is the perfect outfit for you. Graphic tees are always the way to go for those lazy, tomboyish days. Boyfriend jeans, of course, give that effortless silhouette and comfortable fit. Finish the look with some chunky wedge sneakers that are quite trending lately. Maybe add some minimal accessories like spiked earrings and black nail polish.

 Outfit #2: Sweet Tooth
This is personally never my style, but for all you girly girls out there who love to dress-to-impress, try something dressy but also comfortable because you don't want to look too flamboyant. Here's a floral skater skirt paired with a plain white crop top to balance it off. Go for nude sandals to neutralize the look and maybe add a little hair bow on your ponytail. I chose a pastel pink nail polish to go with this look to maintain that sweet, girl-next-door vibe.

Outfit #3: The Boho-Chic
This outfit was pulled right from my own fashion sense. When I'm not wearing black, you'll most likely see me in loose outerwear, a crop top, and distressed high-waisted shorts. I guess I've been gravitating towards hipster fashion lately. Anyway, here's a basic white bustier that I paired with studded high-waisted shorts, but the focus of the outfit is the chiffon kimono cardigan which I have yet to own; they're so sought after yet so difficult to find! To finish the look, try some Jeffrey Campbell Litas (which I have yet to own as well) if you're bold enough to wear sky-high heels to school. Add a fringe crossbody bag and coral nails to tie this chic summer look together, and of course, a floral head wrap for a bohemian touch.

So if you absolutely hate school, play around with your wardrobe to make yourself a little better. I know it worked for me! Well, good luck to all of you going back to school. For all the freshmen going into high school, don't worry, it gets worse. Just kidding.




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