Tomboy X: A Human Agenda, Holiday Gift Guide (2018)

I partnered with Tomboy X, an innovative brand with a particular agenda — a human agenda. One that celebrates inclusivity, body positivity, and badassery. This eco-friendly, gender-neutral underwear company encourages you to be your authentic, unapologetic self. It champions the value of keeping an open mind to the plethora of differences among one another but also embracing the one thing we all have in common — being human. This campaign is all about celebrating humanity by ensuring that there are no boundaries when it comes to fashion and self-expression. 

Head over to Tomboy X to treat yourself because this campaign is all about the glorification of self-love. Maybe even grab some extra items for your loved ones this season. I assure you that there will be something for everyone. Happy holidays!



  1. I hadn't heard of Tomboy X brand before now, but I enjoyed visiting their site via the link you provided above. You look fabulous showcasing their fashions!

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