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Little Things

     There had been many times when I’d remind my sister of a particular memory or something she had told me several years ago, but she wouldn’t remember a thing because to her, it’s all irrelevant, forgettable information. Somehow, that’s the stuff I remember the most. I still recall my friend’s favorite painting when she muttered it under her breath in AP Art History 5 years ago; I remember my high school psychology teacher’s obsession for bread when my sister told me a story about it; I remember the smallest things that guys have told me about themselves on the first date; I remember nearly every detail of the day when my aunt passed away from cancer, down to my exact outfit to the moment my mom received the phone call in a car ride; and I remember the most mundane conversations I’ve had with people closest to me and even with strangers.

     The recurring inside jokes and unforgettable “firsts” are always special and worth reminiscing, but the peculiar little things leave just as big an impact as moments that make me laugh until I lose my breath. I think those little, “insignificant” things are what make people a bit more different from one another, but more specifically, they’re the moments that only I share with each of them, and that’s how someone makes a strong enough impact to live on in my memory. I just wonder if other people have felt the same way about me.

Sunday, March 19, 2017



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