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Being a Nursing Student and a Blogger

     With my growing social media presence as a beauty and fashion content creator, people often ask me why I’m not pursuing a career where I get to be my own boss in an industry full of women who empower each other and do what they love. There’s no lie that all of that sounds amazing, maybe even surreal, but truthfully, I know it won’t grant me the fulfillment I need in the long-run. One of my utmost desires in life is to be challenged intellectually by constantly being fed with knowledge and experience in a field that I’m invested in. It’s not to say that people in the beauty, fashion, and social media industries don’t learn or go through extraordinary experiences – they most certainly do, probably even much more than the average person – but it’s more on the creative and business aspect, both of which are definitely not my strong suit.

     Nursing, on the other hand, offers everything that will unquestionably fulfill me. It’s a field where my mind will always be exercised and nurtured with all the technical scientific knowledge that I have gained and will continue to gain. I get to explore the complexities of the human mind itself, not only through studying concepts of psychology but also experiencing it first-hand by dealing with patients who are plagued with mental illness. I get to witness that hard work pays off through hours of physical labor. And most importantly, I get to learn about other people’s struggles and experiences as well as gain my own. I can already see that connecting with patients on an individual level and living vicariously through their stories will leave me with something to reflect on every single day, and that’s what will make me whole.

     So, why am I delving into the medical field instead of pursuing a luxurious career where I’m constantly being validated for my style and appearance? Because I’d rather spend the rest of my life cultivating my mind, body, and soul in a way that no other profession can.

Saturday, March 18, 2017



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