Urban Turban

Here's a simple outfit that channels my inner hipster. I haven't worn beanies that much this season mainly because of this incredibly warm California winter, but I just had to wear one today because I finally got a hold of this turban!

I've been looking for a turban like this everywhere in stores and online, but most of them are either sold out or unreasonably expensive. Unexpectedly, I finally found one at Daiso for $3.00! That store really does have everything.

Since I only went out to run an errand, I kept my makeup quite simple with my trustee Maybelline FIT Me concealer, dollar store winged eyeliner, Daiso eyebrow pencil, and Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry.
This is pretty much one of those lazy outfits - loose tank top, oversized cardigan, and a beanie to conceal messy bed hair. This tank is from a wholesale store and the basic burgundy cardigan is from Papaya Clothing, which was on sale for $5! This basically proves that a totally urban and hipster outfit (which is usually ridiculously expensive) can be accomplished under $20.

That's it for today's look! I'll have a few outfits-of-the-days posted next week!
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  1. Very chic! Love your blog!
    <3 Nelly

  2. Your blog is great! I love this look, you are very cute with the turban :) x


  3. OMG you looks so pretty!! I love your style and really like your blog. And thank you for your comment on my blog I like the idea of supporting each other. Followed :) xx



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