Simple Plan

This is about as casual as I can get when I leave the house. I could probably sleep in this undeniably comfortable outfit! If you live in southern California, you would understand why it's okay to wear something like this in the fall. 

I took a basic white thermal from Aeropostale and some floral cotton high-waisted shorts from Brandy Melville. Of course, I threw on a lightweight cardigan; otherwise, everyone would think I just got out of bed in my house clothes. Anyway, it's definitely not the most chic outfit I've donned, but there are days when I just need to sacrifice style for comfort... at least once in a while.
*On a side note, I'm glad my hair is finally growing after I stopped my extremely damaging routine of straightening it every single day for the past four years (and of course dyeing it like every six months since sophomore year of high school). I haven't cut it in about three years, and the growth has been very slow but it's finally getting there!*
Now back to the outfit. I added a slouchy beanie to make it more appropriate for stepping outside the house... also because I straightened my hair which made it look very flat and volume-less. 

Okay honestly, I only wrote this post as a filler for my immense lack of blogging lately. Sorry about that. I'll have Daiso makeup reviews up next week, I promise!

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